The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is developing a new standard for the carbon footprint of products, ISO 14067. ISO14067 will support the assessment of life cycle GHG emissions of products, enable CFP to be reported and communicated to supply chains, consumers and other stakeholders, and provide a common basis for the comparison of results arising from the use of this standard.

The new standard builds largely on the existing ISO standards for life cycle assessments (ISO 14040/44) and environmental labels and declarations (ISO 14025) and is planned to be published by May, 2013. It currently bears Draft International Standard (DIS) status. The final IS will have part1 - Quantification and part 2 - Communication, which aim to:

  • enhance the credibility, consistency and transparency of the quantification and communication of product-level carbon footprint
  • promote continuous improvement by facilitating the evaluation of alternative product design and sourcing options, production and manufacturing methods, raw material choices and the selection of suppliers on the basis of a life cycle assessment using climate change as impact category
  • facilitate the development and implementation of GHG management strategies and plans across product life-cycles as well as the detection of additional efficiencies along the supply chain
  • facilitate the ability to track performance and progress in reducing GHG emissions
  • enhance knowledge on the role of consumer behaviour in contributing to reductions in GHG emissions due to consumption

Moreover, in the wake of that England has started a project based on the PAS2050 from 2008, while the investigation of the system is started in other countries, discussions on international standardization carbon footprint (CFP), the growing need for international standardization as a result.

At a meeting in Mexico City ISO/TC207/SC7 in January 2008, are installed SC7/WG2 as a working group to discuss the international standardization system CFP, CFP international standardization system in Bogota SC7/WG2 meeting of June 2006 (: New Work Item Proposal NP) has been carried out of the proposed start. After that, voting is done by the Member States, NWIP approval in November of the same year, it was decided that the development of ISO14067, the international standard on CFP system is started. Including Tokyo so far, a total of 11 times SC7/WG2 meeting has been held in various parts of the world.

News: The ISO/TS 14067: 2013 has been published. Please click here for details.