Sustainability reporting

Corporate sustainability reporting has raised tremendous concerns as more and more companies' choice of international scheme, like implementing GRI framework, joining Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) or Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). Fortune 500 have played the leading role of this progress while more and more SMEs would like to disclose their company's environmental impact under marketing pressure. And now some companies have gone further, since not only carbon footprint at organizational level, but each product's carbon footprint is also focused in sustainable reporting.

Take Apple for example. They have their first Product Environmental Report for iPhone 3G in June, 2008, and until now all currently provided Apple products have Product Environmental Reports, which can be viewed on their website. The reports are mainly focused on the following categories: climate change, energy efficiency, material efficiency, restricted substance and recycling. Except the restricted substance, others are linked by product carbon footprint. Four life stages of Apple's products have defined as Production, Customer use, Transport and Recycling. The below is the sample report of the NEW IPAD, the detail of which you can find by clicking the link.


The project can help

  • your company better understand requirements of carbon disclosure and completed CDP questionnaire to a level of quality required
  • your company obtain clear and effective reporting under Hong Kong industry and business conditions with years of carbon and SME project experience