Consultancy Service

1. Product Carbon Footprint Audit

We can help clients to identify any potential area of reduction of green house gas (GHGs) significantly, and recommend the best solution for carbon reduction.

2. Investigation on Green-Alternatives of Material

Nowadays, many products are produced by hazardous materials which endanger human health and environment (e.g. PVC). Through our consultancy service, recommendations on production with green-alternative materials and LCA analysis of original material and green alternative can be obtained.

3. Training on Product Safety and Green Legislation

In the past few years, the expectations of customers for safety and environmental-friendly products are unexpectedly increasing. Eventually, huge cost is spent to comply with different kind of directives and legislations. In view of this, we provide professional training on product safety directives and green legislations for different industries to equip your staffs with essential skills pertaining to product safety and regulatory compliance in product design, material selection, and product inspections stages, as a result, unwanted lost(e.g. Testing time and fee) can be reduced.


Life Cycle assessment can help clients to establish the ecological profile and assess the environmental performance of the product. The objectives of this service are:

  • Selecting material with high recyclability
  • Eliminating or avoiding hazardous materials banned by green legislation
  • Choosing appropriate green production process
  • Enhancing energy and water efficiencies
  • Lowering the 3 wastes emission (Solid, Water and Gas)