Past Projects

SME Funded Project

Development of an ecodesign tool box and the conformity assessment methodologies for the CE marking requirement (2005/32/EC) of the Energy Using Products (EuPs) export to EU market

Achieved objectives

1. Develop conformity assessment procedures of Energy-using Products (EuPs) for the compliance with the European Union (EU) Environmental Regulation (EuP Directive 2005/32/EC) leading to the CE marking Certification;

2. Develop ecodesign tool box for SMEs;

3. Implement the developed tool box using set top box and vacuum cleaner as show-cases; and

4. Develop step by step procedures and implementation guidelines for SMEs on product Eco-design.

Guideline and Toolbox

Conformity Assessment Procedure (Chinese/English version are available here)

Ecodesign toolbox (Chinese/English version are available here)

ITC Funded Project

An Eco-Design and Manufacturing Program for Electronic Products with reference to the Energy Using Product (EuP) Directive 2005/32/EC (GHP/050/05)

Achieved objectives

1. Established four case studies of Eco-design selected electronics products,, which will act as show-cases to guide manufacturers practically to meet EU directives / legislations such as EuP Directive (2005/32/EC);

2. Provided a working model, which address EuP Directive (2005/32/EC), such as Product life cycle charts with decision making points for eco-design product analysis;

3. Helping the local industries and SMEs understand the impact of EuP / WEEE / RoHS Directives made to their respective industries; and

4. Address product Eco-design issues as laid down in the generic requirements of EuP Directive 2005/32/EC.

Report and charts

Other completed projects

1."Establishment of a Green Manufacturing Programme for Local Manufacturers and Students" funded by Drs Richard Charles and Esther Yewpick Lee Charitable Foundation administrated by Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. (Completed on June 30, 2009)

2."Supporting Industries to Achieve Readiness for the Imminent European Union's Regulation (REACH)" funded by SME Development Fund (SDF) of Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department. (Completed on May 31, 2009)