Carbon footprint labeling

Environmental labeling can provide the product information "in terms of its overall environmental character, a specific environmental aspect, or any number of aspects" (ISO 14020:2000). Consumers and purchasers can choose product accordingly based on their environmental consideration. And carbon footprint labeling can disclose the information about the product's total GHG emission throughout its whole life cycle.

Carbon footprint declaration - shall follow the requirements of ISO 14025 (Environmental labels and declarations - Type III environmental declaration)

Carbon footprint label -shall follow the requirements of ISO 14024 (Environmental labels and declarations - Type I environmental labeling)

Carbon footprint claim -shall follow the requirements of ISO 14021 Environmental labels and declarations - Self-declared environmental claims (Type II environmental labelling)

There are four different communication ways of the Product Carbon Footprint quantification result according to DIS 14067 part 2. For this project, CF claims and CF declarations are applied to the selected product after quantification.

  • The project will help the manufacturers to disclose the carbon footprint in the claim format according to ISO 14021 (Type II environmental labelling).
  • Our sponsor company SGS HK Limited conducts third party verification on the product CF result so that the product can have carbon footprint declaration according to ISO14025 (Type III environmental labelling).

The following figures are the most recognized carbon labels (Type I) currently existing:

UK-Carbon Trust
Japan-Carbon Footprint
Korea-CooL (CO2 Low) Label
Thailand-CFP Label
Germany-Product Carbon Footprint
EU-CO2 Star
Austrilia-Greenhouse Friendly Label