1. Introduction

Green Bill of Materials (G-BOM) analyzer allows manufacturers to input their product information/data according to the product life cycle, which includes raw material stage, manufacturing stage, distribution stage, use stage and end-of-life stage, to simply calculate the product carbon footprint using the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions database provided.

Compared with other carbon footprint assessment interfaces/software, the G-BOM analyzer is more user-friendly and will guide the manufacturers to input the product information/data step by step from the beginning to the end. Both English and Chinese versions will be provided.

2. Tutorial

The G-BOM analyzer interface:

I) Login ID and password should be registered before use. Send email to mfeco@polyu.edu.hk to request your preferred login ID and password. Company name and nature, contact person and number should be included in the email.

II) Enter the company name and information before start analyzing.